Thursday, December 20, 2012

Washi Tape Birdhouses

I get the creative bug during the day at home.  I love to make things...knitting, crafting, creativity...oooooh it makes me so happy.  The playroom in our house had a bare wall.  There is a bookshelf against the wall but nothing hung on the wall above it.  I had seen a picture of some washi tape birdhouses and painted birdhouses used to decorate (I think it was) a child's room.  Loved the idea so I set out to create an inexpensive wall display for their playroom.  I got some naked wood birdhouses at Micheal's.  I think they were about $5 each, not on sale and without a coupon.  I had a coupon so they ended up being even cheaper.  I had some leftover paint on hand but if you need paint Micheal's would have that too.  Micheal's does not have any washi tape or anything like washi tape so that I had to order online. has a large selection of washi tapes from many different sellers.  The last supply I used was Modge Podge which also can be found at Micheal's.  Ok, so now that I have my supplies, here is what I did:

Step 1.  Paint the birdhouses.  Same color, different colors, different colors on the same birdhouse, what ever your creative little mind wants to do.  If you don't like how one turns out, paint over it!  Now wait for the paint to be completely dry.

Step 2.  Get creative with the washi tape.  Use as much or as little on each of the birdhouses as you like.  I wanted to use the decorative tape to give the birdhouses an outlined look.  The washi tape isn't super sticky and on the rough finish of the naked wood birdhouses it doesn't stick well at all.  So that's where the Modge Podge comes in...
Step 3.  Once you have all of the washi tape in place on the birdhouse go over the entire house with a layer of Modge Podge.  This will dry clear and set all the tape in place perfectly.
And now you're done!  Cute cute cute!  I never ended up hanging the houses on the wall where they were originally suppose to go.  I had them sitting on a deep window ledge in front of a window in the playroom and thought they looked so nice there, I couldn't move them.  Now I still need to hang something on that wall!

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