Friday, December 28, 2012

Newspaper Modge Podge Signs

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest awhile back and thought the signs were so cute and sounded easy enough to make.  They turned out good enough but I think I need a little more practice with modge podge.  I had some issues with the newspaper getting soggy from the modge podge and wrinkling.  I'm sure there is a solution to this but I never have figured it out.

Here are some basic instructions for making one but you may want to search around Pinterest for more a more detailed how-to.   

Rip or cut piece of newspaper out and modge podge to a piece of canvas.  Once that is dry, place re-stickable letter stickers on top spelling out whatever it is you want to spell out.  Now paint over the whole thing and once that is dry peel off the letters.  And you're done!

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