Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Festival 2012

Every year at the beginning of Advent our church organizes an Advent Festival for families to enjoy caroling, craft making and a pizza dinner together.  I'm pretty sure we have gone every year since Magnolia was 1 and our Christmas tree has the years of child handmade ornaments to show for it!  This year was extra special because my girls got to enjoy the crafts and pizza with their prayer partner from church.  Just this fall, our church began a new program to try and better connect the different generations of people, mainly the youth with adults.  We have had such a positive experience and Magnolia and Boothe talk about their prayer partners all of the time.  Now for the rest of the time they attend Sunnyside they will have a personal relationship with so many more members.  More familiar people to help guide them on their faith journey.  And an appreciation for other generations besides just kids in our community.

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  1. Everyone should have prayer partners! A wonderful idea...