Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of August

As summer winds down, we are hurrying to enjoy the last days of play with water outside. Pools are closing but the hose remains going full force. The last couple weeks has seen Boothe become the hose master. She will sit by it until I turn it on and then once it is on will not let Magnolia or I take it from her. The water table somehow still gets filled up between drinks and spraying Magnolia.She doesn't mind getting soaking wet with freezing cold water or getting sprayed right in the face as long as she can take a drink from the hose. Both the girls are crazy about hose drinks.Magnolia will tell Boothe to spray her and they will both crack up laughing. I love it when they play together so well.
See you in September!

Monday, August 30, 2010


She's taking after her mama!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

She has finally decided....

To join the rest of us and walk on two feet! And she is pretty cute at it. I love the using-the-arms-to-balance-while-walking phase. It just doesn't last long enough.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

French Fries

Have you every made your own french fries? No more frozen bags of fries for us. It only takes a couple minutes to slice up a couple potatoes, lay them on a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. I bake them at 400 until they are done. I've never really paid attention to how long it takes. How thin they are sliced does affect cooking time so I just check them from time to time and test for doneness. They are far superior to the frozen variety. You should try them the next time you grill out some hamburgers!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Garage sale finds {round 5}

I hadn't been to many garage sales if any for awhile and then the past 2 weekends we ventured out again. And good thing we did because I found 2 more chairs for my kitchen AND they were only $1.50 each! Along with the other 2 I found before, I will sand them and paint them and replace the ones that are currently falling apart in my kitchen.

This one is about as sturdy as they come and is marked G.C.U.R. Indiana on the back, but after searching online, I didn't find anything about what they meant.Chair number 2 is slightly more beat up, but has more details and carvings that sets it apart. I'm loving how similar, but totally different in appearances the chairs are that I have been coming across for the kitchen. I knew I wouldn't find a set of 4 matching chairs so 4 mismatched chairs all painted the same color is what I set out to find and I'm so happy with the outcome.This side table I found for $8 and all it needs is some paint. I think I'm going to go with black and use it in my living room next to the couch.THIS is what you call a GREAT find and it isn't even for me. I already have a KitchenAid stand mixer, but for $20 (when they retail for $350) you can't pass it up. And I knew that neither my mom or sister have one. All the attachments were even included. This one is a professional series that actually came out of a restaurant that closed.I found these 2 necklaces for $1 a piece.This whole bag of greeting cards was 25 cents. There are probably 40 cards totally and cover the whole range of greeting card topics. That just over a penny/card. Usually I spend $2-3 for a card. This will last me awhile!I love picking up old cook books at yard sales. This has some good combinations that I'm excited to try. I have marked a few that sound really good. Old cook books sometimes are more entertaining to flip through than use. This one is both. Quite a few of the recipes call for MSG as an ingredient!!! I think I'll be substituting that one!75 cents for an assortment of sewing notions, ribbons and elastic.50 cents for an interesting old jar that actually has a glass lid. Branded Improved Gem. Made in Canada.This great picnic basket cost me $5 and I have already used it a few times to carry food around. I love it! So spacious.My neighbor had a yard sale and we scored some GREAT books for 10-25 cents each. Thanks, Cindy! :)Magnolia is on a puzzle kick. We found 2 for 25 cents each.Then we found 4 more for 25 cents each.We have a couple of the Preschool versions of these Brain Quest cards. Now we are set for elementary school. For $1 each.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken Soup

We haven't come down with any coughs or colds yet, but when we do we are armed and ready. I have canned for the very first time homemade chicken soup. I really didn't use any particular recipe. I looked at several recipes and just ended up doing my own thing. Basically we just needed to know how many pounds of pressure for how long to cook in order to properly can the soup.

My parent's chickens have been butchered. I know...my dad feels like a piece of him died that day...but new chicks have been ordered and will be arriving in about 2 weeks for round 2. How easily they are replaced...

So anyways to make the soup, I boiled a whole chicken and made some broth and shredded the meat. Set that aside and sauteed some carrots, celery and onions in a little olive oil. Now I was ready to put the soup together. I decided to just evenly divide the veggies into the 7 jars (the number of jars that can fit in a canner at once). Then I added an even amount of chicken to each jar and threw in a small piece of bay leaf. Last I poured in broth until the jars were filled.

I was planning on putting egg noodles in the jars, but after researching a little learned that noodles don't generally can well so when i open a jar I will add the cooked noodles or rice or whatever I plan on serving the chicken soup with. I'll let you know how it turns out this winter when we open them up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The "Tell Me A Story" Story

When we sat down the other day to play this game and I decided to take some pictures, my plan was to just share this great card game with you all. Instead the "Tell Me A Story" game turned into a story of it's own. First let me tell you a little about this card game that we LOVE.

We have 2 sets, 2 themes. Deck one is about the Circus Animals Adventure and deck two is a Mystery in the Forest. One we found at a store the other at a garage sale. Price difference: $10. Why I love garage sales.They are made by eeBoo. We have a few other eeBoo toys/games and they are all very imaginative and fun. This game can be played several different ways. We have even taken it in the car and played it. Sometimes Magnolia wants me to tell the whole story and sometimes we take turns after each card. Some of the story lines that come out of her brain are hilarious!Boothe doesn't get to join us when we play the game yet. Too little and much too destructive around cards. Maybe it was at this point, while I was snapping this picture, that Boothe was coming up with her plan to get in on the game.We started with Magnolia drawing the first card and making up the beginning of the story based on the picture.Then we usually lay them down in some order because the pictures are pretty and so we can follow the story a bit as we go. When we are in the car, we skip this part and just place the "used" cards in a pile.While we are telling a GREAT story over here, Boothe is busy playing and hiding in the curtains. Peeking out from time to time to (I'm sure) plan her attack.The unsuspecting Magnolia continues on with the story. We have turned over and added many cards to our story.Then from out of the blue Boothe invades the story, scattering the cards to the four corners of the room.I tell you, no words were spoken here. The look on Magnolia's face says it all. Boothe gets the hint and for a moment goes back to her shopping cart playing and curtain hiding.But as soon as Magnolia has the chance to line up all her cards again, Boothe comes around the corner and this time, there is no stopping her.Another stare down ensues and this time Boothe is wearing her "dare me" face.The more upset Magnolia gets, the more flailing of Boothe's arms and legs for maximum scattering.And I finally take Boothe with me to the kitchen to make some lunch while Magnolia gets the cards ready to play again. She's such a good sport! The BEST part about these eeBoo card sets is that EVERY time you play, the story turns out differently. Get more people involved and the story can REALLY take unexpected turns! ha

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twirling, Pumpkins and a new Lens

This week as I was cleaning out some drawers and closets for our garage sale, I came across my old Nikon film camera. I can't even tell you which model it is. It is in a case and I didn't open the case, but I considered putting it in the garage sale. I placed it back on the shelf to think about it more and later the thought crossed my mind that maybe the lens on that camera would work on my D80....interesting. And I didn't even know what lens that old camera had on it. I went and got it, put it on my camera and viola -- a "feels-like-a-new" lens! A Nikkon 28-80. Perfect. Makes me want to take more pictures. And I have been.

Magnolia twirling. Just because that's what she does when she has a dress on.
And finally we had had enough of our backyard being consumed by pumpkin vines. Last weekend we ripped out ALL of the vines. Our final count is 15; 9 large, 6 small. They are on a card table in a cool dark place in our basement. I really don't think we need anymore. It feels good to be done with those vines. Now all that are left are the carrots, which are doing great. Ahh, it feels good to be done with those pumpkins!