Monday, March 7, 2011

Garden Planning

I have begun to think about and plan my summer garden. Some things can be planted as early as April 1 so it's not to early to start planning what veggies are going in this year and getting the seeds ordered. If you live in Indiana, I found a great site that tells you when to plant certain vegetables based on which zone in Indiana you live.

Purdue horticulture program

I also came across a great guide for which plants to plant together because they help in the other's growth and which to avoid planting together. This works no matter where you live!

List of companion plants

We are going to plant a couple rows of sugar snap peas early in the season and try to replant later in the summer for a second harvest. We also are going to plant a bunch of carrots since ours did so well last year. We harvested about a years worth of carrots last fall and are hoping for the same outcome this year. And lastly, we will put in a couple hot pepper plants. We did these 2 years ago and they were really fun the grow. They would look really nice in landscaping too. We froze a lot of our peppers and are just using the last of them.

Our garden area is pretty small so we may turn up the soil behind our garage to use as a second small garden. There isn't a great deal of sunlight back there so I need to do some research into what would still grow ok back there. Any suggestions?

My parents have a huge garden where we grow all of our green beans, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. If we didn't have their yard to use, we'd have to find room to grow those veggies too.

I can't wait to get started. All 4 of us have such a fun time checking on the garden, finding the first small growing vegetables and picking the ripe ones.