Thursday, December 27, 2012


Here are some left over pictures from the past 4 months that didn't fit into any blog post.  They were cute none the less so here they are grouped together in a modge podge of a post.

Beautiful Boothie
Crazy Boothie
Silly Boothie
My rascals
Playing Dress-up
Loved this...she sat down to read a book while still wearing her dress up gloves.
Brooke had us over to her house after finding out that she is going to be having a girl in March.  We didn't know if she was having a boy or girl until after dinner when we bit into a cupcake with pink icing hidden inside.  Before dinner we all were speculating on the gender.  Brooke had these sticker mustaches and pink bows for fun.
We had such a mild fall that we rarely even needed a jacket outside.  It also gets dark so early that Dan was doing some last minute raking before the city scheduled leaf pick up.  The girls went out to play in the leaves while dressed up as fairies.

The Studebaker Museum had a free admission night with kiddie crafts, cookies and lots of Christmas decorations.  We took the kids since Dan has become a Studebaker enthusiast this past year after working almost non-stop on a case involving Studebaker.  The kids are sitting in the back of a Studebaker in this picture.

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