Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Miss Smarty Pants

Magnolia is following in my foot steps and had to get glasses. She is a little nearsighted and was having trouble seeing things clearly across the room. I called our eye doctor after I noticed her having difficulty reading words from a distance but once she got closer she could read them just fine. At her appointment she did great and he was able to write her prescription and sent us off to pick out frames. She went with purple ones that have flowers on the sides. So far she has been very responsible with them, keeping them in the case when she isn't wearing them, cleaning them, and taking them off when her and Boothe are playing rough. We will see how she does once the novelty wears off!

Now our little smart girl looks even smarter!


  1. She is the most beautiful amazing little girl, whose most brilliant blue eyes shine through her glasses! Love her soo much..

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