Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Firm Christmas Party

We traveled down to Indy on December 14th for Dan's firm's Christmas party.  It was very fun for the kids and nice to socialize with the people that work in the Indy office.  I hadn't been able to go since Boothe was born for different reasons every year.

  There were 2 horse drawn carriages giving rides around the Indy neighborhood where the firm offices are located.  The girls got a kick out of that and Henry was dancing and bobbing to the beat of the horse's hooves on the pavement.  There were princess crowns for the girls to wear while on the carriage ride.
Great family picture.  Boothe is still in this not-wanting-to-take-pictures phase.

After the ride there was a magic show for the kids.  They loved it.  The show and the magician was very kid oriented and had the kids yelling and laughing the whole time.
Magnolia and Boothe were picked to help out with a trick.

We drove back home that night after the party.  We left Indy at about 8:30 and the kids slept the whole way.  We carried them in, put them in bed and Dan and I got to bed by midnight.  It was a whirlwind day!


  1. It's great that the firm has a family-oriented party.

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun!