Friday, December 14, 2012

Nutcracker Tea 2012

At the end of November, the girls and I attended the Nutcracker Tea put on by the Southold Dance Company where they both take ballet lessons.  Magnolia and I went last year and this year Boothe was old enough to join us.  It's a fun event for young girls who like to watch ballet or pretend to be ballerinas.  They got to have their pictures taken with a bunch of the "real live" ballerinas who performed in the Nutcracker as well as watch some excerpts from the ballet.  Boothe was fine with watching parts from the entire ballet but Magnolia was ready to go and see the whole thing so last weekend I took her to see the performance.  She was so so so excited about it and loved every minute.  Next year her and Boothe could both have one of the little parts in the show if they want to.  I asked Magnolia while we were watching it if she wanted to be in it next year and she said she'd be too shy.  So we'll see what next year holds...

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  1. Those girls are soo precious!! Love the pictures-next year it could be them having their picture taken with little girls:)