Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Decorations

This year while decorating the house for Christmas, I've been using a lot of natural or natural-like materials.  Pine cones, acorns, burlap, twine, and brown craft paper.  Here are some of the simple ways I have incorporated these around the house.

I kept the mantel plain this year.  Other years I have used a garland to add some Christmas cheer to the mantel but this year I went with a string of pine cones.
I strung the pine cones on a long piece of red and white bakers twine.  No sewing or gluing required.  I simply wrapped the twine around the upper part of each pine cone making sure it was hidden under the scales.  Then I left a short amount to space each of the cones and wrapped the twine around another one.  I repeated this until it was the length I needed.

I also used red ribbon with pine cones tying short lengths to each pine cone individually.  Then I grouped the ribbons together to form a cluster of cones and tied a bow at the top.  I thought it would be festive to hang these around the house.

My burlap wreath is a staple around my house.  It is just a foam wreath wrapped in burlap with a large burlap flower that I made a year or two ago.  I just add a bit of color to it to make it seasonal.
My centerpiece in the dining room this year used last year's spray painted and glittered pine cones in these star shaped baskets I found at Meijer during an after Christmas sale a few years ago.
I love using kraft paper to wrap gifts.  I did this last year too but dressed up the packages a little more this year.  Love how they turned out.  It's nice to use a paper that can be recycled when wrapping gifts.  I wish I could find a reusable option that I like.  That would be ideal.  I tried wrapping some gifts using fabric and the Japanese method of Furoshiki.  Ummm....I guess I'm not Japanese enough because I couldn't figure it out and they looked horrible!  It looks really simple and super cute, but it just wasn't happening.  Maybe by next year I will be able to find something better than kraft paper.
We made loaves of Snickerdoodle bread (highly recommend) for teachers this year and delivered them wrapped in freezer paper and tied up with baker's twine.  Simple yet beautiful.
I got a lot of use out of my red and white baker's twine this year!  In the fall, the girls and I collected a bag of acorns from around the neighborhood.  We hot glued small lengths of twine to each top to create a simple tree ornament or gift decoration.
Magnolia has also been crafting.  She made these cute ornaments using her new sewing machine that she got for her birthday.
I helped her just a smidge while she sewed.  She needed just a bit of help guiding the paper around the curves.  I made the bows for her and manned the hot glue gun but she placed the bows on the ornaments.
And lastly but most importantly our Nativity.  Boothe especially likes to play with the pieces and arrange them differently.  I like a child friendly, hands-on nativity set.  My kids learn so much more about the setting of the birth of Jesus when they can play with the pieces.  Both my girls are going to play angels in the live nativity scene at our church on Christmas Eve.

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