Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blueberry Adventures

We picked blueberries last Monday and it was HOT!  The last 2 years we had cooler weather and more shade so the girls lasted much longer.  This year Boothe crabbed the whole time, but Magnolia was a big help and actually picked a fair amount of berries and put them in the bucket.  We picked a little over 28 pounds and we ate lots and lots and froze 20 quarts.  We ran out of berries to eat by the end of the week and picked about 6 more pounds on Saturday morning.  Those were gone by yesterday afternoon so it looks like we'll be picking more this week to eat and I'd like to freeze 5 more quarts.  With temperatures in the mid 90s this week, it's going to be rough picking!

Here are pictures from our first outing.

 We were cooling down the girls by pouring water on their heads and necks and Boothe decided she didn't like her shirt being wet so off it came.  If she would have had her way, the pants and underwear would have been off too.

Sun, Water and Birthday Fun

For my dad's birthday on the 10th, we traveled up to the beach for the afternoon.  This was our first time to the beach this year, but hopefully we will sneak a few more trips in before summer's end.  It's always great weather at the beach and the water felt great.

 We had dinner at the PumpHouse up in St. Joe.  We love that place.  Makes you feel like you are on vacation!
 Then headed across the street to Kilwins for a birthday treat.
 The girls had their first taste of Superman ice cream.  Wasn't that the coolest ice cream as a kid!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4H Fair

I have always wondered if the 4H fair/county fair thing was just a midwest thing or does everyone everywhere have the fair during the summer for a week every year.  I will have to look that up.  Well last week was the St. Joseph county fair and like every other summer we spent a few hours walking around, eating the usual fair foods, looking at the livestock, riding a few rides and wondering where all of these interesting people spend the rest of the year since the only time we cross paths is at the fair in the summer.  We got the usual elephant year and after taking 1 small bite and watching the rest of us eating this "ear", Boothe stopped and said she wanted an elephant ear for in her ear not in her mouth.  We went on the wrong day (any day is the wrong day that isn't $1 rides day) and the rides were so expensive we could only let the girls choose 2.  Luckily they both chose the sames ones, but Boothe kind of does everything Magnolia does these days anyways so it really isn't that surprising.  I love going to the fair, but one day a year is plenty.  Then I look forward to next year.  I hope my girls will be involved in 4H as they get older.

Magnolia thoroughly enjoying her dinner of grilled cheese from the dairy barn.
 Boothe was a fan of the strawberry milk, Magnolia not so much.
 The animal petting tent was our favorite part and we spent the most time in there holding, feeding and petting all of the animals.

 This wheel was as big as our car, maybe bigger.  We need one.

As in the previous post, here is a link to last year's trip to the Fair.

4th of July 2011

Our Independence Day began with our annual neighborhood children's parade.  Magnolia especially enjoyed it this year and kept looking back at me saying "This is so much fun!".  She thought it was so cool to be riding her bicycle on the road.  We decorated the bikes with blue balloons and streamers this year and before we could add the decor to Boothe's tricycle we had to remove last year's adornments...oops.  Last year it was decorated with a star garland that held up very well through a year of riding the trike and weather but the stars were more pink a baby blue than the patriotic colors they had started out as.

Magnolia before the parade all ready to go!
 Boothe before the parade all ready to go!
 And they're off!
 Making the curve with the antique fire engine in the background.
 Loving being in the parade.
 I just realized that Boothe had to hold her legs up the entire time as they don't reach the pedals!  Oops, the second child gets forgotten about once in awhile.  Just wait until she is the middle child, then we will probably forget her bike all together! ha

 Enjoying a post parade patriotic donut with the neighbors.
 After the parade and brunch with the neighborhood, we headed once again to Crown Point, IN to my cousin, Sandy's, home and went swimming for the afternoon.

Here's a link to last year's 4th of July post if you want to check it out.  We do the same routine every year and have a blast!  Parade and Pool Party

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look Who's 2

Back on the lovely evening on Friday, July 1st, we had a family birthday party for Miss Boothe.  I can't believe she is already 2 years old.  She is so tiny, not that she is smaller than other 2 year olds, but she has so much personality...such a BIG personality...that I forget how small she is.  So here is the birthday party for the biggest little girl I know.

Magnolia is now strong enough to pick Boothe up and they both think it is the most fun thing.
 Before the party:
 Pez, it's classic and probably their favorite candy.

 Ready for the big show.
 Yummy cake!

 Very yummy cake!
 One bite wasn't nearly enough.
 She got her very own Bitty Baby.  Now her and Magnolia each have their babies when they are playing.  Magnolia likes her baby, but Boothe LOVES her baby.  What a little mommy she is.
 Giving baby her teddy bear.
 Rocking baby.
 One of the best pictures ever taken of Boothe.  I just love it!!!
 The beautiful big sister enjoying the party.  She was such a big help when it came to opening gifts, but a little to quick sometimes at opening the present and not letting Boothe have much to do! ha  I kind of felt sorry for Magnolia that she was so excited about the gifts when they weren't even for her.  I like Christmas better than birthdays since everyone gets presents then!

 I love these family pictures.  Not because we all look great by any means, but because we have a family picture from every birthday party since Magnolia turned 1.