Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boothe at 6 weeks

She is growing by leaps and bounds and we will report back on the 17th with her growth as she has her 2 month doctor's appointment already on that day! She is getting stronger and smiling and staying awake longer...all the normal things that 6 week old babies do. We are still trying to figure out who she is looking like, but we think she definitely resembles a Hamacher in some of these pictures.

Beach Babies

Sunday we headed up to Lake Michigan for some fun at the beach. Magnolia was a little bit overwhelmed by the crashing of the waves and the sand between her toes. Boothe happily slept until she was hungry and mom had to find a way to feed her beneath a rain umbrella for shade. Dad ended up holding it like a parasol and enjoyed every minute of it.

Soaking up the rays....

Doing what she does best!

Lifeguard Magnolia keeping an eye out.

Building sandcastles