Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Snow

Once upon a time we woke up to this...

A little bit of snow coming down like a downpour of rain for like 12 hours straight.
 I thought "we haven't gotten this much snow since we've lived in our house".  We've lived here for almost 6 years.

Then I found out we haven't gotten this much snow since before I was born.  I was born almost 30 years ago.

We set a record that day.  Something like over 38 inches when it was all said and done.

We shoveled 25 times that day.
 The girls couldn't shovel but managed to eat their body weight in snow to help dig us out.
 It was powdery and dusty and absolutely amazing and beautiful.  I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.  I wonder if I'll see this much snow at one time again in my lifetime?
 Magnolia had a ball.  She never wanted to come in to warm up, but I was freezing and made her come back in throughout the day.
 We spent a lot of time outside in awe of the massive amount of snow right in our back (and front) yard.
 Magnolia, who was on a Alice in Wonderland kick was busy digging rabbit holes in snow stacked taller than her.
 Boothe got cold often and only stayed out for 15 minutes or so at a time.
 I took lots of pictures and video to try and capture the amount of snow.  It's hard when EVERYTHING just looks white to show how high the snow was.
 Since this Saturday in early January, we have gotten more snow most days.  There were a couple days of melt off though so the amount is down to a normal level.
 We made a path out to the playhouse which, because there wasn't any wind, had little snow inside.  Out side, the snow was all the way up to the windows though!
 Then things got crazy and people began throwing themselves into the snow....

And after.
 And after.
 And again, before:
 And after.
 And after.
 And lastly, before:
 And after.
Happy snow day!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday a special 3 year old went to her first dance lesson and did absolutely great.  She loved it and came out wanting to tell me all about it!  For Christmas Mimi and Bop paid for the spring semester of dance lessons at Southold Dance Company.  Their studios are only a few blocks from our house and since they start classes at age 3, this was the first opportunity Magnolia had to try it.  She loved her teacher and was so excited about all the fun things they did. 

So every Thursday afternoon, you'll find us at dance class.  I can't wait until an observation week when the parents can sit in on the lesson and watch.  Boothe may be a little hard to manage during those weeks as yesterday, while we were in the waiting area, she kept going up to the door to the room Magnolia was in and trying to open it saying "Booie dance".  I kept telling her that she sure would once she got to be a little bigger and she would say "Nooooo".  She doesn't want to wait until she is older (the story of her life thus far).

Tiny Dancer all dressed up for class.
 Someone else was pretty excited for her big sister too!

 The whole outfit...slippers, tights, leotard and a nice long sleeve top for the classes on the colder days.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 5}

The local members of my mom's side of the family gets together for Christmas at my cousin Jackie's house in Valparaiso.  There were so many babies and soon-to-be babies there this year, including baby lambs.  Although the lambs did stay in the barn for most of the day, this little guy came inside to visit with the kids.  Boothe was a little scared of him for a few minutes and then was ready to pet him.

 Some ladies with some babies, all borrowed, including Magnolia's new baby.  Can you spot the doll?
 Boothe found a lamb that she could play with all day and it never had to be back out to the barn.
So I think that wraps up 2010...and it's only half way through January!  Little behind on blogging!  I'll get my act together and start posting on what we have been up to in 2011.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 4}

So Christmas morning we stayed home in our pajamas all morning and after the girls woke up from their naps we headed over to the Cory side for more presents, dinner and to celebrate the holiday with them.

This picture I forgot to post on the last post, but I love it so I still wanted to share it.  Magnolia is jumping up and down to show how excited she is about her new grocery scanner and stand! ha
 We got dressed up in our Christmas dresses.  Mimi got these for the girls and they were just darling.  I tried to think of as many places around the holiday that they could wear them.
 I had to actually sit them up on the kitchen counter to get a picture of the 2 of them together in their matching dresses.  If they are sitting and up high they really can't go anywhere and are forced to sit still for a couple minutes.
 Everyone opened the final round of gifts and got lots of really nice things.
 Hand knit sweaters from Mimi.  Looks like Lucy wants one too.  Mimi may have to make some dog sweaters! haha
 Fantasia!  And the girls love it!
 A puzzle with their name on it.

 Then we all enjoyed some Key Lime cupcakes for dessert.  Some of us REALLY enjoyed them! haha

 And after a good dessert, a bubble bath is usually called for!  It was their first time in Mimi's really big tub.

At bedtime, after we got home, the girls were so tired that neither of them cared that their pacis were missing.  They fell right to sleep absolutely exhausted after 2 days of absolute fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010 {Part 3}

Christmas morning!  Santa was good to us this year, but isn't he always?  Magnolia had been asking for a grocery scanner since playing with Avree and Alivia's in early October and Santa came through!  He also dropped off the grocery stand and a little bit of play food as well.  He brings 1 big gift for everyone to share rather than each child their own little something.  Each stocking contains some candy that the girls are under no obligation to share, however.
 After poking around at the Santa gifts for awhile, Magnolia was eager to open the presents under the tree.  Each of them recieved 2 books...

 An outfit...

 And a toy.  A Mr. Potato Head for Boothe.
 And Mega Bloks for Magnolia.
Dan and I really didn't exchange gifts with each other.  We had planned on getting a new couch so that was our Christmas present and I couldn't be more excited!  We found one we liked at New Years Day and it should be arriving within 8 weeks.  Never had I picked out a couch before and although figuring out the design options was pretty easy, the upholstery choices are overwhelming.  We decided on something and then changed our mind, changed our minds again and once more before placing the order.  And even today I'm second guessing our choice! Aaaahhhh!!  It's just such a large piece of furniture and SO expensive.  I'm so scared that I'll regret our decision once it is delivered.  Since I never want to buy another couch and this one comes with a lifetime warrenty, I'm planning on getting my money's worth and taking advantage of the lifetime guarantee!  So I'd better LOVE it!!!