Saturday, December 1, 2012

Carmel Apples

Every fall we spend an evening making and enjoying carmel apples.  I always use Honeycrisp apples and this recipe for the carmel.  It isn't the healthiest recipe but we are talking carmel apples here, we aren't exactly going for health.  We are just glad there is an apple in there somewhere under all that carmel and chocolate!

This year we did carmel apples twice.  This night in the pictures we did traditional apples dipped in carmel, cooled, and then spread with chocolate.  A few weeks later we cut the apples up into thin slices and dipped them in the warm carmel (kind of like fondue) and while the carmel was still warm and sticky we dipped the apple slice in a bowl of chocolate chips or into a bowl of toffee chips or both!  I think we all preferred them this way.  Either way you end up with a big sticky delicious mess.  Don't forget to lick your lips!

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