Saturday, November 28, 2009


Boothe enjoying her first Thanksgiving

Some of the 2 year olds

Happy Thanksgiving


Uncle Ty and Aunt Brooke

Wrestling seems to always be a part of Magnolia's Thanksgiving

Alivia loving on Boothe

Avree, Alivia and Magnolia

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Magnolia has been sleeping in her toddler bed for a few months now. Some days she just likes to climb in and lay down. Recently it's been a game of her pretending that she is alseep. It's that the perfect game for an exhausted mother! I've tried to pretend that I was asleep in the middle of the day, but so far, no luck in getting the girls to believe it!

Beautiful Babies

Nothing Much

First Foods

We have given Boothe her first taste of yummy rice cereal a couple of times now. I'm not rushing into feeding her solids, but it's nice to give her a taste once in awhile to start the process. A few times, she has seemed to enjoy a couple of bites, but usually it comes right back out!

Fall Leaves

We have had great weather this November and have actually enjoyed getting outside to rake leaves! We even put Magnolia to work...she carried two or three leaves across the yard to add too the pile and then went back for more!

Mighty Boothe the Eskimo

Warm and snuggly!

"You want me to jump in there?"


All boxed in

In the thick of it

Happy Halloween

Chicken Poodle Soup?

The big approach

Superman stepping up to save the young chick from the guy with the camera....I love their faces in this one!

These feet didn't last long....they got dirty and drove Magnolia crazy

All in a day's work

Closing out the big day in her spooky PJs

Twin A-likes

Oh, the joys of dressing our children alike! I wonder how long they will let this go on?

Halloween Party #2

Magnolia really enjoyed watching the balloon animal artists at work at the Morris Park Country Club Halloween pary. Yeah, we are slow to post, but what the heck, Happy Thanksgiving!

Magnolia finding out how baby chicks are made

Flower power

Happy chicks