Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing at the Park

Our Girls

The girls recently joined the ranks of young siblings and a select few unfortunate vacationing middle-aged couple across the country. That's right--matching outfits!!

Rockin the outfits

"Gimme a kiss, sis"

Blue Eyes and Bare Feet

Big Sister/Baby Sister

In case there was any confusion.................

Boothe in the Bath

We gave Boothe her official (non-sponge) bath and boy, oh boy, did she love it!! OK, just kidding, she didn't really like it. OK, just kidding she hated it at first, but then liked it a little more toward the end. OK, just kidding, she hated it and screamed the whole time...even after we took her out. :(

Say, you look pretty cute when you're not screaming

OK, still kind of cute even when you are screaming...just don't make a habit out of it

Channeling Yoda in this one

Monday, July 20, 2009

Magnolia's First Haircut!!!!

We gave Magnolia her first haircut tonight. This is Dad writing, so I'll keep the description short (I'm told that it's a Bob-style cut - whatever that means). I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pre-cut - party in the back

Not too sure about those scissors snipping away back there

This finished product!

Side view.


Another side shot.

Stephanie's Wedding

We had a great time at Stephanie's wedding. Magnolia had some last minute doubts about whether the whole flower gig was for her, but in the end, she came through and did a great job laying those petals.

"No pictures, please."

Mom and Magnolia looking lovely

Boothe was so excited about the wedding, she decided to open those eyes for a while

Boothe's skinny little legs!

Magnolia tore up the dance floor at the reception. She started dancing an hour before anyone else and would have stayed until the wee hours if we would have let her! We had to drag her off the floor for the bride and groom's first dance - I think she wanted to cut in!

Floating on air

"Did you guys see those moves?"

Break dancin' in her dress

Kisses for her friend Grace - Grace wans't too into it

Grandpa stealing a dance

Flower Girl Preparations

Magnolia was one of the flower girls in Dan and Stephanie Zych's wedding (one of Mom's high school friends) on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and Magnolia had a great time. A 4 1/2 year old cousin of Stephanie's, Addison, was the other flower girl. Magnolia loved hanging out with the older girl (and copying everything she did). It will be funny to see Boothe like that with Magnolia in a few years. Magnolia also loved all of the attention she got being flower girl.

She did a great job at the rehearsal on Friday. We got to the wedding early to get her ready. Here are some shots of the preparations.

It's hard work being a flower gotta have fuel.

The pearls really bring the look together

Magnolia wondering why all of the bridesmaids are looking at her....haven't they eever seen a girl in diaper and pearls eating a hamburger?

Magnolia and Addison ready for the big show

Pretty flower girls

Practicing her wedding smile

She was playing the wedding march - pretty amazing how she picks things up