Saturday, December 8, 2012

Magnolia's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Magnolia's 5th (!) birthday at the pumpkin patch this year.  She said that was where she wanted to have it and I thought that was a great idea as we visit the pumpkin patch as a family each fall anyways.  Every year we visit Matthy's Farm Market to pick out our pumpkins and do some fun fall activities.  We decided on a Saturday morning party of donuts, coffee, juice, and hot chocolate.  It was predicted to rain that morning, but the rain held off for the whole time we were there.  What a blessing.  It was just a bit chilly but for a late October morning, it was normal.

Boothe helping stir the hot chocolate.

Magnolia with her hot chocolate mustache.
Our tradition of taking a family picture at each child's birthday party.
Magnolia and her best friend, Kaelyn with the "birthday donut"!
Magnolia's little sister, Boothe, and Kaelyns' little brother, Brenden.  These 2 are a week apart and have recently really bonded and just love each other.  They are like an old married couple these days.
The Kaufhold kids.
Blowing out the candles.  Funny how it's Magnolia's party but Boothe is the one in the center closest to the action.

The group going on a hay ride out to the corn maze and pumpkin patch.  Each of the kids got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

The rule was that each child could pick out a pumpkin as big as they could carry.  Boothe was testing that limit.

Such a good boy!
Check out these crazy party animals!  Matthy's really has a large farm animal petting zoo.  Boothe was in heaven.  We definitely need to live somewhere where we can have a few animals when me move next.
Birthday girl!  How is she 5 years old already.  I remember when I was 5.  Doesn't seem that long ago!
She was asking for her own sewing machine for her birthday and was so excited when she opened this.  Since her party she has been learning to sew and getting familiar with the machine.  Even Boothe gets excited about using the sewing machine.

One last shot before everyone headed out.  Next we have to plan a little party for Henry who is already almost 1.  We always just have a small family party for the first couple birthdays.  It's pretty easy to throw together a little birthday party but with his birthday being 2 days before Christmas makes things a little more crazy.  Anyways, Happy Birthday to Magnolia, my perfect little girl!


  1. Your perfect little Magnolia is an angel from God! It was a great birthday party-Byron's favorite.

  2. Looks like it was a great party! And I love, love, love the pic of Boothe and Bren. Could they be any cuter?! :)

  3. Many happy returns and good wishes to Magnolia. Got to know about the furniture exhibition from banner ads. Me and my friend were quite interested to visit one of the famous venues in NYC for a sneak peek at the collection. Met many of our known there. And stalls for beverages and light refreshments were installed in the outer area.