Thursday, December 6, 2012

Henry's First Haircut

All of my children naturally Grow mullets.  It's a gift, I guess.  Magnolia had a full out mullet before I got the courage to finally cut the back of her hair.  She was my first, OK, and there were first hair cut emotional issues involved.  After her hair was trimmed, it was so cute and I was so glad I finally bit the bullet.  Then came along Boothe and with her a mullet also grew naturally out of that sweet head of hers.  She narrowly escaped the humiliation Magnolia was forced to endure because of my aforementioned emotional issues.  I trimmed her hair as soon as I recognized that all too familiar mullet taking shape.  I fought the mullet and the mullet did not win.  Henry's mullet didn't even stand a chance since I was able to pull out the boy-hair clippers at a mere 9 months of age.  I eliminated his mullet in the very early stages.  And what a cute hair cut it was.  See below...

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  1. How adorable!! Those faces are amazing... all 4 of them:)