Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grand Rapids Zoo

We traveled up to Grand Rapids for a Saturday to check out the city and do some fun stuff with the kids. The zoo there had some different animals than what we are used to at good 'ol Potawatami and the kids loved the bird aviary that you could go into and feed the birds.  We chose a really hot day to go and by the time we were done waking through the zoo, Dan was done walking period.  I wanted to head over to the Meijer Gardens which are suppose to be gorgeous and have fun water activities for the kids but Dan instead chose to for go the gardens and save $35.  He found us a free splash pad somewhere random which was slightly less gorgeous than the Meijer Gardens (strong sarcasm). Next time I was be more insistent that we splurge and do something we can't do while in South Bend.

So here are some photos from the visit at the zoo, where the wildest animals happened to be our own.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cherry Pickers

We skipped picking strawberries this year.  The season fell during the time we were moving and extra busy so we just bought our flats from the sweet Amish family who we buy our dairy, meat and produce from.  The girls enjoy going out into the orchards and gardens to pick fruit so we decided to pick some cherries.  We got 13 lbs of sweet cherries with Dan's help.  Then the kids and I went back a few days later to get tart cherries and got 9.5 lbs, just us.  I froze 4 quarts of pitted sweet cherries.  We like to eat them in our yogurt and oatmeal throughout the year so its nice to have them in hand.  We have also been eating loads of them.  I used the tart cherries for pie filling which I canned.  Here are the kids hard at work filling their buckets.  Boothe was a champion sweet cherry picker and when we went out for tart ones, Magnolia was a huge help!  Henry was pretty much counter productive both times!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Independence Day

It's a tradition for us on the 4th of July to head to my cousin's house for the annual pool party.  My mom's family has always, without missing a year, gotten together for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.  The kids have been multiplying within the family during the past 6 years and this year the count was 19 kids 6 and under, and that's with a couple missing!

Awesome weather, awesome family, awesome food!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Day

The Saturday after Boothe's birthday we went up to Lake Michigan for the afternoon with some friends. First we stopped at Redamaks in New Buffalo for burgers after church and then went on the the beach for a few hours.  Turned out to be a nice day even though we have been getting an enormous amount of rain here.

Henry was right at home at the beach. Seriously, not much clothes, sun, sand to dig in and roll around in, what more could a little boy ask for.  The girls were down by the water with the dads most of the time so when they came back up to the blanket for a minute I snapped a quick picture, and then they were gone again.  Henry stuck closer by me so I was able to get a few extra good pictures of him in his element.  For a few minutes he just wandered off and went and laid down in the sand, then came back, that's it.  Own little world.

I hope we get a few more chances this summer to visit the beach.  I don't think I'm brave enough to take the 3 of them by myself so we can only go on the weekends when Dan can tag along.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday Girl!

At the end of last month, our little spitfire turned 4.  I can't believe it's been 4 whole years since she entered the world on her terms.  I wonder if there is any correlation between a child's delivery and their personality because Boothe's delivery was intense and she has been intense ever since.

Due to the fact that I felt stretched a bit thin by the move, I didn't feel like I could plan a little party for her so we just had the family over to our condo for tacos and cake.  When we plan a party for Magnolia in October we will have a joint celebration for both of the girls.  Boothe was fine with this plan since she still got her presents now!

My camera was acting funny that night so I wasn't able to get the best pictures but we all had a nice evening celebrating our favorite 4 year old.  She was so excited about all of her presents, exclaiming "I love it!!!" in the most animated way after opening each one.  And she really did love everything.  I'm starting to think Gifts is Boothe's love language.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playing at the Park

Living in a condo for the summer does have its perks and being right across the street from Notre Dame is one of them.  So many fun places to walk to.  The first Saturday morning after we moved in we walked over to the playground; around campus to see touchdown Jesus, the golden dome, and where daddy went to school; and to the Starbucks on campus.  The girls have their bikes at the condo and have loved riding around on all the sidewalks throughout campus.  Since that first weekend we have taken walks most nights that it hasn't been raining and sometimes end our walk at Let's Spoon, a make your own frozen yogurt place. Here are some photos from my phone during that first outing.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

The girls took swimming lessons for 2 weeks in the middle of June.  Magnolia took lessons last summer but this was Boothe's first time learning to swim.  The same woman who taught them taught me when I was young. Wonder how many more summers she will be offering lessons at her home???

On the last day of classes the parents are invited to come watch. Up until then no one can be around during the lessons as to not distract this kids in the water.  So it's fun having to wait until the end to see what they have been learning.  I forgot my camera (we were in the middle of moving and actually closed on our house that afternoon so i get a little slack, right?) so here are a few I snapped with my phone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Last year for Father's Day, I took pictures of the kids each holding a letter in DAD. I framed them and Dan has the frame in his office.  I took new, updated pictures for him this year to put in the frame.  Here are this year's pictures.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Moved Out, All Settled In

We closed on our house on June 21st and are renting a condo for the summer.  The last couple weeks we have been settling into our new place and finding what works.  Our summer routine has been nice and we have been getting out and doing things around town almost daily.  Walks around the campus of Notre Dame almost nightly has been a highlight as well as living right around the corner from a make-your-own frozen yogurt shop.

I seem to be a month behind on my blogging as I spent June catching up on what we did in May and now it's July and I'll be writing about all we did in June.  Bear with me.  It all makes it in here eventually!

I'll begin by posting some pictures that I shared on Instagram over the past month and then over the next few weeks I'll post more about everything.

The last bath at our old house.  I was feeling sentimental as this has always been their bath since they were newborn babies.

This was Dan's Father's Day shout out.  #fatbooth.   So funny!

Swimming lessons!

Magnolia holding her baby cousin, Palmer.

Freezing and canning over 120 pounds of strawberries. And eating a bunch!

Moving out. Final evening at our old house.

Be still my soul.

Magnolia and I going out for a movie.

Boothie turning 4!

Tennis lessons!