Thursday, December 13, 2012

O, Christmas Tree

The Cory Family Christmas tree has been hunted for, cut down, tied up, taken home, and decorated for the Christmas season.  We visited the same tree farm as last year, Pinecrest in Galien, MI.  We decided on a Douglas Fir this year because the needles are a little more prickly so we hoped that would keep Henry from pulling ornaments off of it.  We rode out to the field and began looking for the perfect tree.  They all looked so perfectly sized, maybe even a bit on the small side in the field, but once we got out tree home and into our living room, it seemed to expand in size.  It's huge!  But beautiful!
A kid sized tree.  Cute, but not quite big enough for all of our ornaments...
This is more like it.  Our selection has been made.
Henry crawled over and found a little stump that I thought he was playing with and banging on like a drum.  Then I figured out that he kept hitting it because it was sticky from all the left over sap and it felt funny on his hands so he kept doing it.  By the time I realized what he was doing his hands were covered in sap and saw dust.

Back home and pulling out the decorations.

Spot the baby...
I love sitting in a dark quiet room during December with only the lights of the Christmas tree on.  Its so peaceful and cozy.  We like to tell stories and sing Christmas carols as a family using only the tree lights to see each other.  The girls are growing up appreciating the same peaceful ambiance that I love about our yearly Christmas tree.

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  1. A beautiful tree for a beautiful family! I love you all.....