Friday, February 19, 2010

Boothe's first Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Cuties


Can't get enough of these two girls, especially when they are loving on, playing with, or laughing at each other! Magnolia is sharing her apple with Boothe since she is teething!

Magnolia's 2nd haircut

I've been thinking of giving Magnolia a little trim for awhile and after her bath last night decided to go ahead and do it. Her sides have come in more slowly so I just wanted to even everything up and a cute little bob always gets me ready for spring. I guess since the sun has been out for 2 days in a row now, I got a little ahead of myself!!


No, that isn't baby food all over Boothe's mouth (and hands). It is cookie dough!!!

I was making cookies and after taking a batch out of the oven was removing those 12 cookies from the cookie sheet to put on the cooling rack while holding Boothe on my other hip and talking to Dan on the phone. I didn't even notice that Boothe had managed to reach her hand into the bowl of dough until a few minutes later when we were in the living room. I couldn't figure out what was all over her face and hands for a moment and then it hit me! She had the biggest smile on her face!!! Well we know she isn't allergic to eggs, wheat and chocolate now!


These two are quickly becoming playmates as Boothe becomes more social and mobile. I can actually leave them for a few minutes by themselves in the playroom to play while I check on dinner/laundry/etc. Plus it is so sweet to see them playing together and "sharing". And to watch Magnolia learn that all these toys and books and games are not JUST hers but theirs.

Bedtime with Daddy

Reading stories in Magnolia's room

Boothie Toothie

Boothe being cute

First photo (kind of) of her bottom teeth

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Morris Park held their first annual Daddy-Daughter Dance last weekend and Magnolia and Dan had such a nice time. As soon as they got home, Magnolia was talking about doing it again and how much fun she had! It was so sweet! What a nice tradition for our girls and their dad!

Baby Boothe

Our little baby is already 7 months old, eating real food 2 meals a day, just starting to crawl, babbling up a storm and slowly, but surely getting happier!

Sisterly Love

As Boothe gets stronger at sitting up, the girls are often on the floor together playing...not with each other, just in the same room. Usually this ends with Magnolia tackling Boothe, but Magnolia is also very helpful getting toys for Boothe too. Some how I managed to capture a moment when they appear to be perfect little sisters...Magnolia watching out for her little sister; Boothe following her big sister's lead...yeah, looks can be decieving...the next picture I took has Magnolia pushing Boothe all the way forward and laying on top of her!

Winter Walk

The temp reached into the 50s last weekend and the 4 of us took a short little walk around the block. How nice it was to get some fresh air and a little bit of sunshine! How many more day's until spring???