Sunday, February 19, 2012

Root Vue Farm

Mimi and Bop got the girls this indoor garden kit for Christmas.  We planted the seeds a few weeks ago and have lots of green sprouts but nothing but roots yet under the soil to see.  I'll add photos of how our garden is growing once some of the vegetables can be seen growing.  This is such a great toy to learn about what goes on under the ground in a garden.  This also gets us excited about getting our spring garden outside started in about 6-8 weeks.
Mix with water and pour into the compartment.
Plant the seeds.

My Babies

Not much to write about for this post.  Just want to get some updated pictures of the kids on the blog.  We are all enjoying life and anticipating spring and being able to get outside more often.  We are leaning towards putting Magnolia in preschool 2 days a week in the fall and a new chapter in our life will begin.  These are some of the last days all my kids are home with me all day.  Why do they have to grow up so fast?


Raife and Henry are 144 days apart.  Raife is 6.5 months in these pictures from Brooke's birthday on Valentines Day and Henry is almost 2 months.  It's so fun that these 2 boys are so close in age.  I love that Brooke and I had boys who can grow up together.  We grow 'em big around these parts.  Do they look like cousins?

Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

Dan and the girls attended the Daddy Daughter Dance last weekend with some friends.  This was the first year Boothe was able to join them.  I love how excited they get before going and how much they talk about it after they get home.  Such a sweet tradition for Dan and his girls.

They took along Magnolia's camera to take pictures while at the dance and those haven't been uploaded yet so when we get around to putting those on the computer I'll add those to the blog.  I haven't even seen them yet!  I bet they are hilarious though.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Henry's First

For our most important pictures we always use our friend, Eileen, at Traditions Photography.  These are Henry's first photos there.  Just precious.  The next 3 posts are also pictures from the last couple months taken there.

Magnolia @ 4

Boothe @ 2

November 2011

We had some pictures taken at Traditions Photography last November of the girls together, our family of 4.5, and some maternity portraits.  We used some of them for our 2011 Christmas card.  Our pictures from there always turn out so beautifully.

Friday, February 3, 2012

O Henry

These are just a few random pictures from the past couple of weeks.  My cousins came to visit and meet Henry.  Jonah on the right is 9 months older than Henry and Raife in the middle is 4.5 months older than Henry.  Michelle, Brooke and I grew up together and it will be fun to watch our boys grow up together.
After church one day I took some pictures of the kids.  Days are so busy hectic that I forget to take as many pictures as I should.  It's also really hard to get a decent photo of all 3 at the same time.  Thank God for professional photographers!

Taking pictures of a newborn is really hard.  It's hard to get a smile caught on tape and it's hard to get an angle that isn't of them laying down or slouched down while trying to be sat up.  I remember when Magnolia was a month old thinking that there is nothing better to take a picture of.  Now I look forward to days when Henry's baby pictures don't all look the same!