Saturday, September 26, 2009

Record Posts

I think this is a record number of blog posts for 2 days! With Boothe being colicky, it has been hard to find a free minute to sit down at the computer and get something accomplished. Tomorrow Boothe turns 3 months and we are anxiously waiting the supposed turn around in her temperament! I've convinced myself that tough infants = easy toddlers and I'm sticking to it, so please don't tell me any differently.

Now that fall is here, Magnolia has started back in her Kindermusik class, which we love, and story time at the library is going on too. It's amazing how much more "mature" Magnolia is after having a summer break from these programs and growing up 3 months! I'm so proud of her! :) More importantly though, Magnolia is officially day time potty trained. She has been in only big girl panties for a couple of weeks now and accidents are few and far between. Any tips for night time training are greatly appreciated. She will turn 2 next month and I'm sitting here wondering where the last 2 years went?!!?

As for Boothe, she will give you the biggest open-mouth, melt-your-heart smiles that you have ever seen and she will also scream louder that you thought possible from such a little thing. She is getting so big and strong and I'm definitely looking forward to the day when she settles into this world a little more. I don't want to speed up life, but I can't help but imagine my two girls playing together and being best friends!

If I don't get the chance to update for a couple of weeks, I promise to make it up with a bunch of posts at once when I have the time. Thanks for keeping up with our family!

Busy Morning

Our last stop of the morning was the Fall Harvest Fest at the Farmer's Market. There were some fun kids outdoor activities, a petting farm, horse rides and balloon animals.

Happy to be home!

Open Book Festival

After apple picking we attended the open book festival at the library downtown. We saw a concert by Jim Gill, a children's musician, and met some favorite characters.

Apple Picking

This morning we went apple picking. Mom is going to try and make us some applesauce this fall. If it turns out good, we may go back to pick some more! We picked blueberries earlier this year and forgot the camera. This time we were sure to get some good shots!

Boothe glad that she doesn't have to do any of the work.

Running to pick some delicious apples!

The girls in the orchard.

Daddy picks the high ones....

Magnolia picks the low ones!

The fruits of their labor!

Hugs and Kisses

Boothe is not quite strong enough for her little seat, but being a second child, she doesn't get held as often and I don't want her to get a flat head!! Whenever Boothe is awake, Magnolia is all over her...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rainy Day

Could anything be more fun than running through puddles half naked in a downpour?

Boothe is getting strong!

Boothie is just shy of the 3 month mark and is getting stronger by the day. The last 3 months have flown by and we are gearing up to get her pictures taken professionally, again. Magnolia love her baby sister and would probably just lay right on top of Boothe if I didn't stop her. She always wants to touch her and hug her and show her toys and push her swing. It's very sweet!


Sweet Dreams

This is what happens at about 5pm when you refuse to take your afternoon nap.

Boothe is not a good day time sleeper, so this sight is as good as it gets for me!

Tree Hugger

Pointing to an ant

Hugging a tree

Cheering on ND

When you ask Magnolia what we say when Notre Dame plays football, she will say "Go Irish!"

Blowing Bubbles

Magnolia has become obsessed with princesses lately...just out of nowhere. She loves wearing her princess dress and watching princess movies. As summer comes to a close we have been spending a lot of time in the backyard enjoying the nice weather. Magnolia loves to play with her bubbles, draw pictures with her chalk and pick peppers from the garden for daddy. Her favorite peppers to pick are what she calls "tiny" ones...the unripe ones, but she's too sweet to tell not to pick any peppers! Stay tuned for next summer when we can update you on what little Boothe likes to play with outside!

Compliments of Brooke

Aunt Brooke took a very cute shot of Magnolia while home the other weekend. We thought we would share it with you all...

ND gathering

For the first home game of the season, the Mosses graced ND's campus and the Spiess's home. It was such a joy catching up with good friends for a Sunday brunch. Here are a couple of pics from the day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boothie has her own post!

Poor little Boothie. As is probably true of most second children, she doesn't get photographed nearly as much as Magnolia did at her age. But we decided that we need to change that. So, here is Boothe with her very own post of new pics! It's amazing how big she is getting. You can see similarities between her and Magnolia, but they are definitely unique. One thing they have in common is that they each seem to get cuter by the day (in my opinion - which Ill admit may be somewhat biased).

Boothe with her dark hair and big blue eyes

....and don't forget the tongue

Long and lean


For some reason, Magnolia has always been fascinated by worms. She fund a particularly juicy one in the yard today and wanted to show it off. Despite his efforts, Dad couldn't persuade her to taste it. I guess I'll have to wait until we have a boy......


Don't drop it.....

"Hi Mr. Worm"

Summer Fun

We put up a clothesline this year and Magnolia has been taking full advantage of the opportunity to run through the sheets as they hang out to dry.


These sheets didn't stand a chance

She's running an out-and-back

.....and back through


Jenny and Nick's Wedding

We had a great time at Nick and Jenny's wedding in Indianapolis last weekend. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception at the Rathskeller was a blast. Congratulations to the new couple!

Another wedding means more dancing for Miss Magnolia.

Magnolia getting her swing on............

and of course, getting her hug on. She's a hugger!

Pretty smiles