Saturday, July 17, 2010

They Came from Colorado

Dan's brother, Pete, his wife, Mis, and their 8 month old, Ayla (who we hadn't met yet), came for a visit July 3-10. They spent the first half of the week with Mis's family and came over to the Cory side on the 7th. We only see them about twice a year and it's always a fun time. And I love that we have kids who will grow up together as cousins the same ages!

We celebrated Mary's birthday one evening at the Riverfront Cafe up in Niles, MI. Her birthday wasn't until the 12th, but it was definitely close enough to celebrate while the WHOLE family was together. Magnolia loves when everyone is "all together!" There is a park across the street so after dinner we walked over for a little play time.

I took a ton of pictures while they were here so I will be posting 3 or 4 times in the next couple days to cover everything!
Miss AylaMiss BootheThe dads with their babies.Bop and Mimi with their 3 grand daughters! For the first time since Ayla was born 8 months ago!
We are all going out to Colorado in September for Ayla's baptism. Not too much longer and we will all be together again. It will be interesting to see how much the girls change in 2 whole months.


  1. Awesome's so great to see those three girls 'all together!' It's great to know that they're going to be close as they grow up.

  2. What beautiful little girls!! Every time they are together it will get better and better, hopefully you all can get together more than twice a year?

  3. love the pics!!! we had a ton of fun with you guys and your happy little girls...I know Ayla had a blast and will love it every time we get together. Now...when are you moving to CO?!?!

  4. Could you email us a larger version of the last picture so we can print it?