Tuesday, July 27, 2010

St. Joe, MI {part 2}

St. Joe Pier

After riding the carousel, we walked out to the tip of the pier. My dad walked the pier many times as a kid and hadn't been back in years so he really wanted to take that walk. It really makes for a nice stroll with the water on both sides of you, the enormous waves and the cool breeze. We also thought it would make a nice family photo location.

My dad remembered both sides of the pier lined with fisherman back in the day. We didn't pass any and were wondering if it is still a popular place for fishing. Other than fellow pier walkers, we mostly came across groups of teens hanging out.
Next up: The Venitian Festival at Silver Beach

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  1. How did we get so lucky?? Having two of the most beautiful gran-daughters and three gorgeous kids and two handsome son-in-laws!! Life is good and so is God!