Tuesday, July 27, 2010

St. Joe, MI {part 3}

The Venitian Festival

I hadn't been to the Venitian Festival in about 10 years. It was always a popular thing to do in the summers during high school. I don't think there is anything "Venitian" about it. It is just your average fair with the games, rides and food. Magnolia is at an age where she really enjoys that stuff so everyone was good sports and we stopped for a couple rides, a couple games and some once-a-year-it's-ok-to-eat kind of food.Aunt Brookie went on the first ride with Magnolia. Mommy and Daddy had their fair share of kiddie rides at the 4H fair a couple weeks earlier.A little bit creepy, huh?Boppy escorted Magnolia on the second and last ride...the twirling strawberry.Ty trying his hand at a sure-to-lose type of game.Magnolia was the only one to win this bowling game! It was only a quarter to play, making it a great game for Magnolia to try out a couple times.The whole family relaxing in the grass after eating some frozen bananas, root beer floats and elephant ears.
Last stop: The Splash Pad

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  1. I really feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family!!