Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rest of the Story {part 3}

When we arrived at Dan's parents' home one morning, a deer was eating in their woods and wasn't scared off by us. Magnolia was so close to this deer. This picture really doesn't show how close she really was. It makes it look like there is more distance than there really was.Dan and Pete were all about "Icing" each other. For more information on this barbarian practice Google search it.Dan and Magnolia found a frog in our yard and decided to take it to Mimi and Boppie's pond. Magnolia became VERY attached to it and wanted to hold it and not let it go. She was crying and it broke my heart. But I wasn't going to have us a frog as a pet anytime soon...Boothe was dying to leave. She had enough of this Baby Ayla chick. Haha Just kidding! I think she saw her reflection and was playing with the "baby in the glass".The blow up pool was brought out and skinny dipping commenced.Boothe still does not have any plans to walk. She has taken her official first steps, but she is VERY strong willed and she has decided that walking is not for her at this time.And again the finger in the nose.Pete's 30th birthday was on the 15th so on their last night in town we celebrated with ice cream cake. Ayla helped blow out the first candle and Magnolia helped with the other one.How quickly these two babies will no longer be babies. A snapshot in time.
See you soon, Pete, Mis and Ayla!

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  1. What great summer pictures! Such a beautiful place, that picture of the deer and Magnolia is amazing! When will Boothe walk more than a few steps????