Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boothe's Birthday Party {part 1}

Because of the enormous amount of pictures from Boothe's birthday party, I have divided the post into 3 parts. This is the boring post...the decorations. The other 2 which I hope to post tomorrow are of the gifts and cake. We had the party outside (such a plus of having a June birthday) and had great weather. The flies were and are so bad. I hope it is like that everywhere and our house isn't especially disgusting that it attracts the amount of flies that roam around our back yard. My mom brought food tents (covers) which were put to great use and saved our food from the masses.

Gift table.Food table (before the food was brought out). Nice tents, huh?Cake table.Our simple decorations.
All the table cloths are just pieces of cut fabric. Not sewn or anything. We had to do the helium balloons for a 1 year old's birthday, of course. And the flower pots are simple clay pots spray-painted at home. The spinners in the pots remind me of a flower, but are so much more fun to have outdoors when the wind blows, especially for the kids.


  1. The pictures does not do it justice! It was so cute and clever, how you used things to decorate!

  2. Cute! We have fly issues too and I was wondering the same thing as you - is it just our house and yard that seems to have a fly infestation?! Gross! It almost makes eating outside not fun. We need to come up with an all natural fly repellent! :)