Tuesday, July 27, 2010

St. Joe, MI {part 4}

The New Splash Pad

Our last stop before heading home was the HUGE splash pad right off of the beach. I have never seen one so big before. And it is AWESOME! No one had swim suits since we weren't planning on going to Silver Beach and had forgotten about the splash pad. We were so hot already that getting our clothes a little SOAKED actually felt good. Boothe just stayed in her diaper and Magnolia wore one of Boothe's swim diapers that I happened to have in my diaper bag. Magnolia thought it was SO funny that she was wearing a diaper!! I was left out since I had the camera, but my mom and Dan took care of Boothe for me and I got a lot of great pictures.Boothe was a little apprehensive unless she was being held. The water was pretty cold.Jumping right in!Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?Dipping her paci in the spray....And sucking it off! She had a whole system going.Dancing in the water...Check out those moves!Cool as a cat.
That's all, folks!

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