Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boothe's Birthday Party {part 2}

The presents! Magnolia's favorite part. Boothe would have been happy with empty boxes containing only tissue paper with a bow on top. Having 2 girls so close in age, it's hard to find good gifts for the younger one. I think everyone did a great job and found lots of great things that both girls can play with and enjoy.A water table from Mimi and Boppie was a big hit!A tunnel to crawl through from Gramma Kath was a great idea!Somehow we didn't get a picture of the gift from Aunt Brooke and Uncle Ryan. She's going to look super cute in that dress and get so smart reading those books!A musical walker from Uncle Pete and Aunt Mis was enjoyed while even still in the box!A bag of ball-pit balls from Uncle Ty made for lots of fun in the bouncy!Toy Story I and II from Mame and Boppie to prepare for Toy Story III in the theaters!And I made the girls matching sweaters and teddy bears. I wrapped up the gifts for both of the girls to open so Magnolia had her own present.And Boothe, although I'm sure very grateful and appreciative of all the great gifts, found something to crawl into and was happy as a clam.Attempt 1 at a family picture. More to come with the cake pictures later today!
Boothe would like to extend a thank you to her wonderful family for having such a nice party for her 1st birthday!


  1. That is so Boothe getting into that box lid:) This year has gone by so fast it is scary! Great idea getting Magnolia and Boothe the same gift to unwrap. Those sweater and teddy bears were perfect!

  2. Although difficult to believe that Boothe is already a year old, what a wonderful birthday party -- Great weather, family, and food made for a great time! I would have to say my favorite gifts were the monogrammed teddy bears! How ADORABLE! Love, Gramma Kath