Monday, July 12, 2010

22 Pounds Later

A blueberry picking we went and a 22 pounds we picked. I froze 17 quart size bags and we had a tupperware container to eat. And we ate those in about 2 days. So we went back to pick 5 more pounds just to eat. I want to try and make some jam with some of the newly picked 5 pounds too. We went last year and Magnolia was a much bigger help a year ago! I guess this year she was just more interested in playing with the wagon and with Boothe than picking. Boothe was a bigger help too last year as she was a newborn sleeping in her car seat instead of eating out of the bucket. This was how Boothe looked for about 1 hour straight. How many blueberries can you eat in an hour? He must have been a field hand in a past life. This one can pick his blueberries! She's still eating! Must be a growth spurt! 22 pounds of berries minus how ever many pounds Boothe ate!


  1. YUM! I'll know where to go come Winter! Great pic of Dan!

  2. hahah Mames little blueberry pickers:)