Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Vacation: Beach

I love beach pictures. I took a LOT while we were there and so this post is very photo heavy.

This is where we stayed. Our cabin wasn't on the beach, but looked just like these.Mame with her girls.Boppy, Boothe and a Bare Butt.Loads of sand and water pictures of these two.....Watching the birds.She loves how the sand feels when it runs through her fingers and over her skin. As soon as we would get to the beach, she was dying to get down and "swim" through the sand!Brooke working on her tan.Ty studying for his CPA test.Dan and his book.Magnolia found a single butterfly wing on the beach. It was her treasure for a couple hours.Like father like son.Future gymnast?Gramma Kath battling the waves.Ryan body surfing.Baby toes.Avree and Magnolia.Addy, Nik, Brooke and Mom.
On our last day, Friday, we visited St. Joe, MI and did all the fun things to do there. Tomorrow, I will finish our vacation post with some from our day there!


  1. I miss the beach! Great pictures.

  2. Hey Jenica and fam! Love the pics(you guys are great photographers!)...your girls are too cute:) Looks like you had fun. Next beach trip, come to California please:)