Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little slice of heaven

I imagine inside the gates of heaven to look something like inside the doors at E & S Sales in Shipshewana, IN. I used to think heaven would look something like the clouds parting to reveal a light as bright and warm as the sun that would make you feel happy and peaceful. But now I've been to this glorious bulk food store and have felt the happiness that can only be experienced in heaven...........and at E & S.

My friend Emily and I set out this morning on the 50 minute drive over to Shipshewana to visit this store for the first time. We left the husbands and kids at our house to play. We planned on being home for lunch, instead we spent 2 hours shopping and didn't make it home until after 2pm! It was bliss and we couldn't stop smiling :)

Aisle after aisle of everything I would ever want to fill my pantry with in bulk! Dried fruits, nuts...flours, oats, sugars, baking ingredients...decorating sprinkles galore, bulk mixes, homemade nut butters and fruit butters...dried beans, rices, peas and lentils...pastas, homemade noodles, big bricks of butter, cheeses...
And every candy imaginable, bulk chocolate chips, mints, baking chocolates of every flavor...This was our cart; filled with bags and bags of grains and beans and pastas and spices. This was before we hit the candy aisle to bring home some goodies for the dads and kids.
And the best part - the prices! We got everything you see in the cart above for $15. Okay, just kidding....but the stuff is incredibly cheap and it was great being able to stock up on so much.

And now, let the cooking begin!


  1. My in-laws going to the Amish store there. They usually bring us some things back. We haven't been yet because it is a 4 hr drive for us to get there.

  2. why have i never heard of this and why didnt youcall me? ha...this looks absolutely fab! i love the simple packaging and how all the colors and textures look...this will have to be on my to do list soon!

  3. Wow looks like you guys had a great day!! What kind of candy did they have:) haha

  4. yeah! glad you enjoyed it! i love that you took pictures and i can just picture you and emily standing outside and the hallelujah chorus singing. :)

  5. Yes, it was so great! I'm still smiling about it! And can't wait til our next trip! :)