Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Guess where we went last Monday? I'll give you a couple guesses...

We had some of this...We bought some of these... We played one of these...
Of course, we ate one of these...
We saw animals and got to pet them...

We saw horses and got to ride one...

We measured up...
And we rode some rides!! I'm sure you have guessed where we visited, the 4H Fair! What fun one little girl had. She even rode on some rides ALL BY HERSELF!!! I almost cried!

Boothe did a lot of watching, but next year I'm sure she'll be right in there with her big sister!

Waving to Magnolia on the train.

Boothe got a kick out of Magnolia riding the firetruck with mommy.
And this picture makes up for all the lost sleep since she's been born.

Can you tell which one's Dan is up there? Just kidding, I don't think he would ride this in a million years!
So that was our adventure to the fair. We had fun, but I'm definitely glad it only comes once a year. One elephant ear for me per year is PLENTY! I'm glad that Magnolia has fun. That makes it fun for me. I do love all the lights at the fair at night, but a night at the fair is several years away for us with little ones.


  1. "And if I could go anywhere and if I could do anything..." We did not make it this kiddos were bummed but we saved like $400!

  2. Oh my goodness, these girls are doing it all:) Enjoying life... What great little girls you have. Love Love Love them so much