Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Car for Everyone

I have not been to any garage sales for the past couple of weekends. We have had stuff going on and I have been taking a break. Last Monday on our way to the fair, someone was having a garage sale and I spotted a Plasma Car so we stopped and Dan ran up to see how much they were asking for it. We had played with one several times at a toy store and they are a lot of fun, but expensive, $70 each new. Dan came back to the car after checking out the Plasma Car and said that they had 2 (!) and were asking $10 for each. We offered to take both of them for $15 and brought them home! It's so exciting to find something you were wanting to buy anyways for SO much cheaper. Plus we never would have bought 2 new ones. Now the girls each have their own (so no fighting) and ride around the driveway or the living room together. Dan and I even have taken a spin on them and I must say, they are pretty fun! Even though Dan is holding Boothe in this picture, usually Boothe will climb on one all by herself and push her car around with her feet. I'll have to post a picture later of that!


  1. NO WAY! I am sooo jealous, my kids have always wanted those (well the last 2 years) but I cannt spend the $$ either - whatare the odds that you would find 2 too? Lucky, lucky girl!

  2. hey I have never seen them before? Looks pretty cool! Can't wait to see them in person:)