Sunday, July 11, 2010

Growing Garden

I'm not sure what I wrote last about our little backyard garden, but this past week we took out our sugar snap pea plants. I was really happy with the amount of peas we harvested and the plants had stopped producing so we took them out to make room for our other veggies. Our other peas aren't doing so hot. We have on several occasions caught a little rabbit rummaging through our garden and he has obviously been nibbling on our garden peas. I doubt those will end up producing at all unfortunately. I think it was our fault for waiting and not planting those early with the other peas and onions. I guess you live and learn and we have learned our lesson. Magnolia is really enjoying seeing the baby bunny though!

We pulled our first 4 onions to use. They are on the smaller size but plenty big enough and taste great! And then there's our unexpected pumpkin vines that have TAKEN OVER not only the garden area but part of the yard and still growing. This photo was taken about a week ago and since then has grown to about the size of a small watermelon. We have a couple that size and a few grapefruit or melon size. We are either going to have GIANT pumpkins by the fall or ripe pumpkins in July!

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