Monday, May 24, 2010

Our new playset

I have been keeping my eye out at garage sales, the newspaper and craiglist for used playhouses and I finally found the PERFECT one. It was listed on craigslist by a family who is moving and can't take it along. It was a joint effort getting this thing home. Kathy split the cost of the playset with us as an early birthday gift for the girls. Dan's dad loaned us his truck and was in Colorado last week so my dad drove over to Kalamazoo, MI with Dan to pick it up. Then my dad got hit in the eye with a snapped bungee cord and they made a stop by Medpoint and didn't get back from the trip until about 11pm. But now it is all set up and the girls LOVE it! Thanks to everyone!

Magnolia coming out to see it for the first time.Dan setting up the swing set in the morning before going to work.Loving it...Loving it...Loving it...and loving it!And then on Saturday, my dad power washed it and my mom wiped down the inside. Now it looks shiny brand new!Meanwhile, while the playset was being washed, Dan spray painted the table we found at a garage sale to put in Magnolia's room;Boothe stayed busy digging through Mame's purse; and Magnolia and Ty played Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and The Cat and the Hat game (all $1 garage sale finds from this weekend).And here is the playset all cleaned.And here is the table all painted!
We had a very productive Saturday!


  1. It all looks great!! Can't wait to see the table in Magnolia's room. I bet she loves it. The house is just perfect!! They have the whole summer to enjoy it....

  2. Way to put 'em to work, sis! haha. That play set looks super cute! The girls are just precious. There are no words :) Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks.

  3. So cute!!! Now if you find another one, let me know! :)

  4. That is awesome! What a great find! I was looking at the pictures and Kaelyn came over and said, "What's that?" I told her that Magnolia and Boothe got a swing set at their house and she asked if we could go play on it. I said probably one day we could go over and play and she said, "Hopefully Magnolia will share it with me." :) I'm sure your girls love it and will have so much fun playing with it!

    Jer and my dad are supposed to be building one in our back yard, but we'll see if it actually gets done before the end of the summer! Ha!

  5. Jenica, I just recently stumbled upon your blog through facebook and I absolutely love reading it! Your girls are so incredibly precious and beautiful! You are such an inspiring and loving Mama; Magnolia and Boothe and very lucky =) God is so good. Hope to see you soon!