Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Sunday was a nice day

So I'm finding that my posts are tending to be about events that happened a week ago. I'd like to try and catch up so that the lag time is closer to a day or two. But anyways, I do what I can.

Last Sunday was warm and sunny and the girls wore their new hand knit sweater dresses from Mimi to church. Aren't they cute?After naps we went over to Mimi and Bop's (Dan's parent's) for dinner and Magnolia and Bop took a walk in the woods. They are like best friends, it's really sweet.Stopping for a water break.Bop had a bug on his arm.Magnolia wanted an ice cube out of her sippy cup.I love this one!And back to the house they go.That was fun, she says.Back to join the rest of us for dinner.And....she's off again!Hmmm...are they cuter from the front or the back?

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  1. Oh my gosh those dresses are adorable!! The pictures are just as cute, How sweet the memories will last forever for them:)