Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check out my new ride

Our newest rummage sale find. Magnolia spotted it from across the room and then followed me around in it the rest of the time. I didn't think we could get it because I didn't think it would fit in the car. When I told Magnolia that it was time to leave and to put the car back where she found it, the lady at the chuch said "aren't you going to get the car?" I told her we would buy it if she could fit it in the car and sure enough her husband managed to get it in the front seat! I'm glad we got it though. Magnolia is in it constantly. We are managing to make our back yard quite the circus, but as always, we are having so much fun doing it!


  1. She looks good in her car:) You need a 3 car garage now....

  2. Ooooh, jealous!!! I would love to find one of those at a garage or rummage sale! Where are these sales you are going to anyway? You are finding some great stuff! I have been striking out at the garage sales I've been to. You have to let me know when you're going again!