Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gardening {part 4}

Our onions and peas are growing like weeds and luckily our weeds are not. Nothing is ready to harvest yet, but I see the tiniest of pea blossoms. Dan planted 4 rows of carrots next to the peas in our little garden! (overachiever) They are just popping out of the ground after all the rain we have had and now all the wonderful sunshine. We have space for 2 more rows of peas on the end which we will be planting soon. Everything seems to grow really well in this small space. We always give it a nice thick layer of compost which I think is the secret. Funny how you come to LOVE and appreciate rich black soil, who knew.


  1. you guys have the greenest thumbs:)

  2. Don't forget about the melons....we put some food scraps (orange and banana peels, melon rinds, etc.) in our compost pile and apparently some of the cantelope seeds got thrown in with the compost layer and have started growing!