Saturday, May 15, 2010

More from last weekend

Ok, for those of you who really don't care to see a million pictures from our visit with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Cris in Rensselaer, please skip this post. There are literally a thousand photos from the afternoon. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to upload this many pictures to a blog post, but lo and behold I kept uploading and nothing stopped me. I wanted to post these photos for anyone who was there and wanted a copy of them.

On our way back from Indianapolis last weekend we stopped in Rensselaer for a visit and the girls played with some of their cousins, Addy and Alivia. Enjoy the plethora of pictures...

Magnolia riding the horsey!Boothe playing with a tricycle!My mom...My dad.Kathy.Addy was playing with her iPod Touch and I think Magnolia thought her little baby toy that played music was just like Addy's.The big sister Magnolia will never have :(Uncle Bill showing Magnolia the newest technology.Dancing Queen!So Cris had this rocking dog for her granddaughters and Boothe LOVED it. Did I already mention how much Boothe LOVES dogs? She couldn't get enough of this dog and (obviously) I couldn't get enough pictures of her loving this dog.Look, mom, no hands!Just had to throw one of Magnolia in here to break up the monotony.THIS IS BOOTHE. 100%. All natural. This is my favorite face. This is my favorite smile.Alivia and Magnolia reading a book together.Once Alivia warmed up to us, she really got a kick out of petting Boothe's head!


  1. Great pictures. I wish I could have been there. -Nik