Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our first trip to the pool

A week ago the pool opened so the whole family spent a couple hours last Sunday cooling down. The toddler pool was literally ice cold, but no one really minded on such a hot day (except Dan, he's kind of a weenie).I take that back, Boothe wasn't thrilled about sitting in that cold water either, so she decided to start standing up on her own for the very first time.Then she found this table that she pushed all over the pool. She is ready to walk soon.Jump....and Splash!I don't know what this look is all about. Daddy's probably eating her snack or something. She's planning her payback...she's thinking 'hmmm, maybe I'll stay up.....all. night. long.' I didn't tell her to pose like this at all! HA!They are both obsessed with the big pool. I'm so glad both the girls love water as much as I do.

We went to swim at a friend's house on Tuesday morning and that afternoon we were in the kiddie pool at home. Magnolia says to me "let's make this pool River and Jasmin's"!

I said "let's do that!"

Then daddy said "no."

He never lets us do anything fun...


  1. Sounds fun! We went swimming today too for the first time!Summer, bring it!Cant wait for Tuesday - just an FYI but you might want to send your address out so everyone can find you!

  2. Great Pictures!! They will be swimming like little fish soon:)