Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More knitting

All of these little pieces...and all of these pieces...will (hopefully) soon make this. Actually 2 of these. One for each of my girls.I'm just wrapping up the final bit before sewing and stuffing.And check out the yarn that I used to make these bears. Isn't is completely wonderful?I just LOVE skeins of yarn. Almost more than the actual finished knitted product.
There is perfection all wrapped up in a ball of yarn. And this one is so yummy, I almost didn't want to unwind it. One of my favorite places to be is inside a yarn shop. All of the colors and possible combinations. It's blissful.


  1. Thats how I feel about paper...and scrapbooking - all the amzing products, flowers, glitter, etc. Those bears are darling!

  2. how cute!! i have only tried knitting once and one of the kids pulled it apart before i could even make a few rows. :)