Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garage sale finds {round 2}

So over the past few weeks I have been to several more garage sales. I have found some great stuff. Some things I needed, some things I wanted and some things I never knew I needed until I found them. I'm drawn to the things that you can't find at a store. Maybe a thrift store or antique mall, but those are basically glorified garage sales.

I got all of "this" for $1 and I love it. Not sure what "this" is, but I'm excited to find a fun use for it all. The spools really get me excited to find the perfect spot for them.Why this was ever stopped being made is beyond me. It is a bouncy chair for a baby from 19??. Very vintage, but in excellent shape. Boothe loves to bounce in it and the tray is perfect for her snacks. I paid $2 for it!!! I have only found one other online that was exactly the same, but with ripped fabric and completely rusted out frame and tray. That one was listed on ebay for $50. Perhaps this chair from 60 years ago has become the this of today. And we wonder why our kids now need constant stimulation...1960 or 2010?We always find the BEST kids books at garage sales. Lots of them for only 10-25 cents. The most I have ever paid for one is $2 and it was for a couple of these large hard back ones.So far we have bought 5 games and spent a total of $5. Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, The Cat in the Hat, Pizza Party and Elefun.Oh how we love Little People at our house. We couldn't pass this set up for $5.More books and Little People. Playground was $3, tractor 10 cents and the books were .25 each.

A brand new North Face coat. Tags still on it. $40.
Last year our outdoor umbrella flew away and the bar broke. We have been wanting to get one, but not wanting to pay the $100 we knew a new one would cost. Ok, we'll take this one for $3.We have had the same bedspread since we have been married. 5 years really isn't that long, but I have been dreaming of updating our bedroom and finding a white duvet. Got this one and both shams for $3. I'm not done with the bed. I would like to find a quilt, another set of shams and some throw pillow to add some color. I'm not going to count on finding all that at a yard sale. Oh and the lighting in this picture makes our walls look a horrible gold color. They really aren't that yucky color, just a khaki color.I can't ever pass up unused yarn. I can always find something to make with 10 cent yarn.I love these. Handmade slips for little girls sizes 1 and 3. They were in a .25 bin at a church rummage sale. I think someone thought they were just old hankies. The material is so fine. I searched for the tag description online and the found some that are vintage and were being sold for $40-$60. I didn't come up with anything new. So I'm guessing they are old.And this size 3 dress. Also for a quarter.Hand stiched embroidery.Tag reads: HAND MADE cherubs philippineThese I fell in love with. They were only 30 cents each. Sears undershirts. Size 2. And so familiar to me. Like I had some as a child.Extra swimsuits for little kids are hard to pass up. They are always wanting to change into and out of wet suits. Back ups are always a good idea. These should fit Magnolia either this summer or next, maybe both. $1 each.

I have also found a handful of girl's clothing, a lot more kids books than were photographed and a couple of books for me. And the last thing that I'm so so excited about but didn't get the chance to photograph because I have already taken them over to my mom's house is 7 dozen canning jars for $1.50/dozen. That is 84 jars for $10.50. They retail for $10/dozen. Buying them retail I would have paid $70. We have been canning for a couple of years now, but add more and more canned goods each year. If we have the jars we will fill them with something yummy!


  1. Wow, I thought I was a goodgarage saler - you found some amazing things! Do you wanna go together tomorrow ? ...Do you map out a route or just drivearound, Craigslist, how to you find the sales?

  2. You are amazing! Such GREAT stuff! *Love* the bouncy chair for Boothe! I was planning to try to go to a few tomorrow morning - hopefully I'll find some treasures too!