Friday, March 1, 2013

The Girls' Bedroom

Magnolia and Boothe have been sharing a room since Boothe turned 2 and was done with her crib. At that point we knew Henry was on the way and would soon need the nursery for him. We redecorated the girls' room when we moved Magnolia into a twin sized bed and Boothe into the toddler bed. I got the nesting bug when I was thinking about ideas for doing the nursery and we decided to do both of the bedrooms! More details about the room are on the Apartment Therapy post so you an click over there for those if you want.

 This is the view of the room from the hallway outside their room. That's Magnolia's bed. We will move Boothe from the toddler bed into a matching twin bed this summer when she turns 4.

 Each of the girls have their monogram hanging above their beds. The letters are cheap Hobby Lobby wooden letters that I stapled ribbon to the backs of. Total cost for each monogram was less than $5.

This is another cute and very inexpensive project that I did for their room. I had some leftover fabric from the curtains I made for their windows and some other coordinating fabrics in my stash. I waited until the embroidery hoops were half off at one of the craft stores and got 7 in various sizes. The rest is pretty self explanatory. This whole project cost was about $10.

This is just another view from the same angle as above. Here you can see the little white round table next to Magnolia's bed and the foot of Boothe's bed in the corner. The little round table I picked up at a garage sale for $7 and spray painted it white.

And here is Boothe's little bed. She loves stuffed animals, if you can't tell. The pictures on the wall are of each of the girls at 3 months old. The contrasting polka dot frames I got from my photographer, Traditions Photography, here in South Bend. And below the pictures is their dollhouse. We keep only a couple of toys in their room so it stays cleaner and since we have the room downstairs for the toys.

On the opposite side of the room above their dresser are pictures of the girls together every year since Boothe was a newborn. The frames came from Michaels when they were on sale for half off.

This picture is also taken from out in the hall but of the wall on the left. In the far corner is the closet door and in front if that, the dresser they share. The post n Apartment Therapy has the paint colors I used for the walls and dresser. The dress form I fund at a flea market. I thought it would add a nice touch of femininity to the room as well as something a bit whimsical.
Leave a comment if there are any details you are wondering about that I left out. Tomorrow I will finish up the house tour with Henry's room. His room may be my favorite room in the whole house. I just love how it turned out and I have to give Dan the credit for his hard work with this one.

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