Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ballet Watch Week

In the middle of the dance semester the parents, grandparents, anyone can sit in on the class to watch the kids and see what they are learning. This past week we got to watch the girls classes. They just make me smile when they are in their cute little tu-tus doing their ballet moves.

Magnolia is in Primary 1 and Boothe is in Creative 1 this year. Their classes are on 2 different days and it is really hard taking Henry there twice a week and having to entertain him during their classes. I can't believe I have made it this far...since September. Only 2 more months and then we will break for the summer. Next year Magnolia will be in Primary 2 and Boothe will be in Creative 2 and the good news is that their classes will be held AT THE SAME TIME!!! It's my motivation for these last 8 weeks of classes!

Here are a bunch of pictures from this past week during their classes.

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