Monday, March 11, 2013

Lent Catch Up

What we have been up to and into these last couple of weeks...

I think Henry has been sick with one thing or another practically since his first birthday.  This has been a rough winter for sicknesses for our house.  But I think everyone is better now and just working towards feeling normal.  Everyone has also been feeling a bit of cabin fever.  We are done with the snow and ready for spring and playing outside.

Henry has really taken to his toolbox and loves to sit and play with the screws, screw drivers, and hammer.  It's fun watching him do boy stuff.  Having a boy child around has been such a new experience for me, wow!

The girls have been on a puzzle kick and have been doing lots of puzzles together, quietly, without fighting. The dining room table was once their escape from Henry but anymore he just climbs up in the table and scatters anything they are doing. My time is usually spent keeping Henry away from things he shouldn't be bothering. It takes up a lot of my day!

Boothe kills me, just look at that face!

Someone at school must have told magnolia that if you look at your finger as it comes closer to your face, your eyes will cross. Now it's a game, but at least it takes up time as we wait for spring!

The biggest news of late is that both Magnolia and Boothe got their ears "piered" as Boothe called it. Magnolia had been talking about getting her ears pierced and asking if she could for a couple weeks. I don't have an issue with pierced ears so I've told the girls in the past that whenever they want to get them done, they can. So after Magnolia had been talking about it for awhile, I told her if she still wanted to do it on Saturday, we would go to the mall and have them done. I thought for sure both of them would chicken out and didn't want to drag all 3 kids all the way to the mall by myself for naught. Dan would be there helping on Saturday and sure enough on Saturday they were both still begging to get them pierced so off we went. And to my surprise, neither chickened out. Magnolia didn't even cry. They were both so so brave! Boothe only cried afterwards when it was done because it hurt a little. They are both pretty excited and have been taking care to clean and twist them a lot.

Sometimes when the light is just right, it makes me want to grab my camera, so I did, while the girls were busy coloring and captured the moment. Love these girls...Enjoy!

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  1. Henry's overalls remind me of his great great grandpa Lee and seeing him with the tools reminds me of his great grandpa Neal.