Friday, March 29, 2013

Mud Pies

Today was gorgeous! Not sure what the high was but we were outside all afternoon doing some spring cleaning. I vacuumed out my van. Magnolia picked up sticks and rocks in the yard. Dan raked out the front beds and trimmed up some of the bushes. Henry and Boothe worked on the garden (see below). I don't know what it is about boys and dirt/mud but today was the first time Henry had ever met dirt and it was like they were long lost friends. He saw the dirt, he touched the dirt and 30 seconds later he was excavating for buried treasure, digging a new basement for the house, and planting anything that may sprout. He's never felt more at home.

During this nightmare of head-to-toe dirt (in my opinion) Magnolia stated that she doesn't like to get all dirty. I knew I loved her more. Ok, I really don't love her more....just when the other 2 are covered in mud, I may favor the clean child.

I see a long summer of stained clothes, muddy hand prints, and dirty fingernails ahead of me...

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