Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lent Winds Down...

And so does my brain!  I'm plum out of blogging ideas, pictures of the kids, things we are doing, things that are happening, and things I want to share.  But I pledged a blog post for 40 days during Lent and I'm not quitting when the finish line is so close.  So ill babble for a few minutes and then post an old picture just for the heck of it and then I'm going to bed.

Tonight we had a Maundy Thursday service at church.  We have an informal soup dinner followed by a short communion service each Wednesday in Lent and this week was our last.  The kids love going to church especially at times that aren't Sunday morning.  Boothe the other afternoon was jumping up and down because she was so excited to go to church and had forgotten that we were going.  Lets hope the enthusiasm continues for the next 90 years of her life.  And let's hope that she can jump up and down at 90 years of age.

We are so ready for spring and the sunshine today has opened up our crocus!  Woo-hoo!  I love those first blossoms of spring.  The girls have been annoyingly full of energy and expressing that energy in annoying ways.  We need to get outdoors and run and run and run or we may all kill each other before April is over.

Next week is spring break for our normal activities.  Magnolia doesn't have a spring break from school, which is kind of weird, but everything else is off next week.  I'm looking forward to not entertaining Henry for the longest 45 minutes of my week during Boothe's dance class.

Speaking of dance class, on Monday we dropped Magnolia off at the door and waited in the car for her like we do every Monday during her class.  This extended cold weather has frozen my brain cells because about 3 minutes after my cell phone battery died, my car battery died.  And I was parked next to the curb on one side and an unidentified car other side.  Looking around the parking lot all I could see we're rows and rows of empty spots where it would be easy for Dan to come to the rescue and actually park next to me to jump the car.  So after gathering the young-uns, I went inside to use the phone and then Dan arrived a little while later and found the owner of the car next to me who graciously moved his car.  Happens to be the same guy who I asked if there was a phone I could use.  But in the end, it was all worth the not having to chase after Henry for the 60 minutes of Magnolia's class.

Henry had his 15 month doctors appointment today and weighed in at a petite 29 pounds.  Petite if your 15 month old happens to be twins and you a weighing them at the same time!  My arms are killer stong but I'm think I'm shrinking because 30 extra pounds + gravity + walking with a slight stoop = 2 inch loss in height.

Now I'm off to bed to dream about what I could possibly post about tomorrow!  Here is last year's Easter picture.  Compare to the picture from the last post...

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  1. Well, those kids just get cuter with each passing year.