Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Afternoon at the Cory's

We hung out at Dan's parents house last weekend for the afternoon.  I decided to grab my camera to take with us because we haven't gotten any good pictures with either of the grandparents in a long time.  I'm glad I thought about taking pictures that day because I got some good ones!

Here is Henry having fun with Mimi's retractable tape measure.  He is pulling it out then letting it go and Mary is pressing the button that sucks it all back in.  He just loved this game...who needs real toys!?!

Exercising!  Why kids love treadmills when they are constantly moving around the entire house all day, I'll never know.  Usually this is a post-bubble bath activity, but since we were there in the afternoon, the kids didn't take a bath.

Kills me.  Every day, she kills me.

My sweet Boothe.  She gets me.  Every day she gets me.

Daddy loving time.

Ready.  Set.


She saw this pictures and said "I'm all the way upstairs!"

Someone else loves their daddy!  She was too scared to be tossed in the air though.

Best we could get.  Mimi, Bop, and all the 3 kids in their sweaters that Mimi knitted them for Christmas.

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  1. Sweet memories! These kids are so blessed....